I have been in the Office Furniture Industry since 1989, working for my family's Office Furniture Company.  I worked my way up from the Warehouse to Manufacturing Assembly Line & finally the Sales Department.  I learned every aspect of the Office Furniture Industry.  After many years on the Sales Floor, I burned out !  It wasn't from Office Furniture Sales, I felt that I was in need of a change.

I was married & my wife & I were about to have our 1st child.  We decided to take a gamble & start our own Office Furniture Business, but with a twist.  We decided to Broker Office Furniture to Dealers.  Because I had been in the industry for many years, I had gained the knowledge & trust of Dealers locally.  As an Office Furniture Broker our main job was to supply local Dealers with inventory.  This allowed them to spend their time on the sales floor, not in search of new product needed. This was our business for many years.

From time to time clients from my sales days would contact me complaining about Office Furniture prices skyrocketing !  This upset us so we did some research & were disgusted !  The average mark-up on Used Office Furniture had become between 500% - 1,000%.
This is when we decided to Open to the Public !  We still supply Office Furniture to Dealers as we did before.  Now you are able to purchase your Office Furniture at pretty much the same cost Dealers pay us.  You then can get quotes seeing some of our same inventory on their sales floor at inflated prices !  This allows our customers to truly understand how much they are really saving !
We are located in a beautiful 100 year old Building located in Haverhill, MA.  We have grown so much over the years, we were forced to upgrade to a Much Larger Space.  We currently inhabit the Entire Top Floor of our Building, which is always filled with Quality Office Furniture.  We truly have something for everyone.
We have Cargo Vans & Box Trucks Readily Available for Deliveries & Professional Workers On-Call at all times !  This allows the client to choose a delivery & installation schedule that meets their needs !!
We have Loading Docks designed for Box Truck Vehicles & Vans & Smaller Vehicles.
Since moving our business to Haverhill in 2009, we have been Extremely Busy !!!
  • Desks & Executive Suites
  • Cubicles / Panels
  • Reception Workstations
  • Task Chairs
  • Executive Chairs
  • Conference Chairs
  • Guest Chairs
  • Stack Chairs
  • Conference Tables
  • Metal & Wood Bookcases
  • Lateral File Cabinets
  • Vertical File Cabinets
  • Coffee Tables & End Tables
  • Couches & Club Chairs
  • Training - Room Furniture
  • Metal & Wood Storage Cabinets
  • Cafeteria Furniture
  • Fireproof Cabinets
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Framed Art Prints
  • Visual Boards
  • Whiteboards & Tack Boards
  • Lab Equipment ( When Available )
  • Lockers ( When Available )
  • Steelcase
  • Knoll
  • Herman Miller
  • Haworth
  • HON
  • Teknion
  • Kimball
  • Gunlocke
  • Paoli
  • National
  • Global
  • Stylex
  • Brayton
  • Harter
  • Stow Davis
  • Jasper Desks
  • Krueger
  • Vecta
 If you are interested in finding out more about what we to offer you, please don't hesitate on contacting us anytime !